Lady bug cake, cupcakes and cookies

17 Sep

I love doing bug cakes/cupcakes… whatever.  I hate bugs in real life but gumpaste bugs with big eyes are adorable!!   So when I received a request to make a lady bug cake, cupcakes AND cookies I was very excited.
The cake was easy, I knew exactly what I wanted.  As fcr the cupcakes i wanted to make flowers that would match the birthday girl’s invitations.  But I want to add something a little extra so i decided to make some roses too.  So on my daughter’s first day of nursery school (while I was a bit distracted) I sat down to make some beautiful roses — a little extra for a woman who has gone out of her way to support my business over and over again.   I had troubles in the past with roses slipping off of wire so I decided to use toothpicks, but that meant that my drying rack wasn’t going to work.  So I needed to get creative.  Some butcher’s string and Ikea clips and I was set 🙂


Anyway, on to the real flowers and the many many little lady bugs.  Check these guys out my little swarm of lady bugs lol. Image
Here it is all put together.

This was one of the most enjoyable projects I have done.  I think it all worked out.  I really like doing a variety of matching desserts.


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