Chocolate weekend

25 Sep

It was crazy, it was stressful, it was chaos but it was fun!

As I mentioned in my first post, we are making chocolates now.  With very little experience we need to learn quickly. Once per month hubby and I have agreed to make a batch of packaged chocolates.  We decided to start with chocolate bars as we thought that would be an easy option.  So the order was 42 boxes, 6 bars per box, all different flavours.  Also, each bar needs to be individually wrapped.  Yikes.
Here we go.  Dark chocolate anyone?.


75% of the chocolate is added to the tempering machine.  Anyone who has ever hand tempered large quantities of chocolate would immediately fall in love with this machine — I did.  i think I will name her 😉

ImageThe chocolate is slowly melted and brought up in temperature, the remaining 25% of the chocolate is added to seed the chocolate, bringing down the temperature and then the temperature is increased slightly again.  It takes about one hour.  We did this 7 times this weekend.  Add flavour etc. and pour into molds.  Then we wait.


These bars had nuts in them and every time I scraped the excess off the mold it ‘caught’ on the nuts in the bars and pulled too much chocolate out of the bars.  So I left it as messy as I could and cut the excess off the bars when they were set.
Now, we wait.  It took longer then I expected partially because my kitchen was too warm but mostly because I lack patience.  Not a good trait in a chocolatier (I have not yet earned that title lol).  These are the ‘release marks’ caused by my lack of patience.


So we had to redo this batch and we learned to wait.  I also did short time periods in the fridge to help speed things up.

Finally it was wrapping and packaging.  Image


we recruited an extra little helper near the end.  This is my daughter dusting chocolate bars 🙂  she is three and was very serious about cleaning off every chocolate crumb lol.

Image Next month we are doing filled chocolates and I want to have some fun with fall flavours.  What do you think of dark chocolate and pumpkin???


One Response to “Chocolate weekend”

  1. j9photoblog October 3, 2012 at 12:42 am #

    LOVE the photo of your little worker!! 🙂 And…I can only imagine HOW detail-oriented she was!!

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