How to: Covering and impressing a cake board

27 Feb

A decorated cake board does so much to finish the look of a beautifully decorated cake.  Not everyone agrees but I say if you are going to spend hours making that cake look just perfect then an extra 10 minutes to add fondant to the board to complete the look is time well spent!


I will use either straight fondant, a 80/20 fondant/gumpaste mix or fondant with tylose added to cover my cake boards.  Mostly it depends on how organized I am.   If I am prepping the board well ahead of time straight fondant is fine, the day ahead and I add tylose, the day of and I use gumpaste.

1.  Roll out the fondant out onto a mat to the size of the cake board.  I usually roll it to be about 1/8th of an inch thick

2  Add a sprinkle of water to your cake board (a spray bottle works great) and place the board on top of the fondant.  Use a pizza cutter to trim the excess


3. Flip it so the fondant, board and mat so that the fondant is on top and gently pull the mat off the fondant.


4.  Place an impression mat over the fondant and push gently with your hands or roll gently with your rolling pin to imprint the pattern onto the fondant.


If you push too hard you may need to re-trim the edges of the fondant again so they do not hang over the board.  I use a glue gun to add ribbon to the edges of the cake board.

I will wait 3 hours to place a cake on the board if I used gumpaste, 24 hours if tylose and at least 48 if just fondant.  But that timeline may vary depending on the humidity of your home.


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