Present Bow Tutorial

20 Mar


You will need a mat, rolling pin, ruler, knife (and/or pizza cutter) and fondant tylose mix or gumpaste


1. Roll out the fondant and cut it into 1″ x 5″ pieces.  You will need up to 12 pieces but make a few extra in case of breakage


2. Fold each piece in half


3. Cut the corners off of each piece


4.  Glue the bottom of each loop closed


5. Cut one more small piece 1″ x 3″, fold it, glue it but do not cut off the corners


6. Rest all the pieces on their sides and leave them to dry for 24 hours

7.  Cut out a 2″ circle and glue 6 pieces onto it Image

8. add a bit of fondant into the empty space in the middle and add more glue

9. Add the top layer (I used another 6 pieces because of the alternating colours, normally I would use 5 pieces on top)

10.  Add the top loop
And you are done!  Give it a day to dry and add it to your cake 🙂


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