My First Wired Flower — magnolia tutorial

11 Oct

I decided to make my first wired flower last week.  I received a request for a 50th anniversary cake and I thought it was a great opportunity to try something new.

Here is the final cake.

I am going to show you how I made the flower on top of the cake.

1 – I made a white gumpaste oval and added a wire.  I used scissors to make small cuts around the top of the oval to create the texture.

2.  Next I made the petals.  I rolled out a thin layer of gumpaste on the wilton flower impression mat.  It has a wire groove on the back of it that you use to insert the wire into the gumpaste.   After I had a thin layer I cut out the petal.  If you have a petal cutter, use that.  I did not have one the right size so I used a heart cutter and just cut it once and then turned the cutter and cut again to create the petal shape.   I dipped the wire in some tylose glue and then inserted it and used the front of the impression mat to create the veining on the flower.    Each petal was laid to dry on a soup spoon (hubby says we don’t get to eat when I make flowers lol).  When they were done they looked like this:

3.  I dusted both the center and the petals with a light yellow petal dust.

4.  I added three petals first so they would be closest to the center.


5. Then I added the back petals


That’s about it.  It was a lot easier then I expected so don’t be intimidated to try it.
Thanks for reading 🙂


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